Cascades Church Sermons
Cascades Church Sermons
More than a Cleanse | Matthew 8:1-4

After announcing the Kingdom has come in Him, Jesus begins bringing the Kingdom into people’s lives. The first person he encounters is someone on the complete margins of society; a man with leprosy who asks to be cleansed of his sickness. When Jesus does, he heals his body, removes the source of his shame and sadness, and restores his relationship to God and others. His healing is emblematic of the comprehensive kind of healing that Jesus intends to bring to the world.

0:00 – Scripture Reading: Matthew 8:1-4
1:55 – Big Idea: The comprehensive healing Jesus is bringing to the world
2:43 – Understanding Leprosy
5:50 – The Encounter and Request for Healing
14:55 – “The Gospel is in that Grasp”
17:17 – 4 Things Jesus Does When He Heals Him
26:09 – 4 Ways We Respond to Jesus
34:31 – Meeting with Jesus in Prayer Now

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