Foundations 101

Kingdom Values



Online | Self-Paced 

This course walks through five foundational teachings of Jesus and how we go about following Him in order to experience the abundant life he promises. 

This course covers the following topics:


  1. FOUNDATIONS 101 is a requirement to be baptized at Cascades and part of our Membership Process. 




Foundations 201

Kingdom Vision


Kingdom Vision is a six-week course that unpacks our mission and vision. It is an articulation of Jesus invitation to you to be his disciple and to join Him in seeking His kingdom. It is practice-oriented meant to equip you in following Jesus in your everyday life.

This course covers the following topics: 

  1. Adopting Jesus’ Vision for Life | April 20
    Exercise: Learning to Listen
  2. Being Formed through His Spirit | April 27 
    Exercise: Examining Your Inner Self 
  3. How We Participate in His Practices | May 4
    Exercise: Developing Rhythms for Life

    No Class | May 11
  4. Spiritual Renewal | May 18 
    Exercise: Discovering Your Evangelism Style
  5. Social Renewal | May 25 
    Exercise: Living as a New Humanity
  6. Cultural Renewal | June 1 
    Exercise: Discerning Where God Wants you to bring Cultural Renewal

FOUNDATIONS 201 is the the second of two courses required for our Membership Process. 



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