Cascades Kids

Welcome to the Cascades Kids page!

Our church desires to lead people to become fully devoted followers of Jesus and His Way. Our littlest members are part of Christ’s body and we want to help them grow into people God made them to be! 

Our goal is to partner with you as parents in raising young Jesus followers who know Him, grow in their relationship with Him, and seek to serve Him.  

Sundays In-Person

Who: Pre-School & K-5
When: Sundays @ 10AM  
(Kids are dismissed after the second song.)

We cultivate a safe environment where Jesus can be known and children can know Jesus loves them. At Cascades Kids our volunteers lead fun and interactive activities that including singing, crafts, and short lessons about Jesus.

We take the safety and care of children seriously. All of our Kids volunteers are required to go through safety training and a background screening process.



Parenting Children in the Way of Jesus

When the Spirit of God comes and dwells in us we begin to think, speak, and act differently. In Ephesians 6:1-4 paints a beautiful picture of God’s new humanity where families aren’t abolished; they are renewed by the Spirit of God and remodelled in the way of Jesus. This teaching highlights how adults can honour our parents despite their failures, and three essential components of discipling young Jesus followers.  

Pre-School & K-5 Online Archive

Throughout the pandemic we partnered with CA Church to provide lesson plans for Pre-School and Kindergarten to Grade 5 Lessons each week. While new lessons are not being created, you can access the archive of all previous lessons. 
Lessons include memory verses, games, videos, and bible questions for you and your family.


Do you do Child Dedications?

A child dedication is an event that brings two influential elements in a child’s life together before God: parents of the child and the local church.

Parents are in a unique position to effectively disciple their children to know Jesus and embrace His Way throughout their life (Eph. 6:1-4). This is a great responsibility and privilege but God does not intend that parents do it alone. The local church is designed to function as a community of people who support each other spiritually and practically (Romans 12:3-8, Titus 2:2-5).

During a child dedication parents bring their child before the church body and make a covenant with God to raise their child to know and love Jesus. The church community recognizes this commitment, prays for the child and the parents, and commits to supporting them in the future. 

If you are interested in getting your child dedicated, please send us an email by click on the button below.  

Is there a place to nurse my child? 

 Yes, there is! We have a safe and clean nursery available for families with very young children. It includes a washroom and change table. Additionally, there is the option for those who want to hear the message while caring for their children. It’s accessible through the Foyer hallway. It has a window with blinds that looks into the Sanctuary. 

Can I sit in on a class with my child? 

 We want to ensure the safety all of our children. For that reason, only volunteers who’ve been trained and completed background checks are allowed to be among the children. Having said this, a number of our parents are also volunteers either as a Helper or a Teacher.  If you’d like to volunteer and serve with your child you are welcome to join us, you can what responsibilities include on the our Service Opportunities page.