Making Room initiative

foyer renovation

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of $150,000 Goal

About the Project

We recognize the great gift of owning this building. We’ve sought to carefully maintain and steward it well over the years. This has enabled us to do meaningful ministry on Sundays and throughout the week.

Over the past 5 years our leadership has articulated a vision for our building:

To create a welcoming and hospitable space for young and old to find community, encounter Jesus, and be equipped to serve Him. 

At the moment, our foyer is not equipped to do this. It is unable to accommodate more than a dozen people, lacks sufficient lighting and an accessible washroom. In addition, the majority of newcomers to our church have a hard time finding their way around. 

We want to offer a space that is spacious, bright, warm, and inviting to families and individuals in our city for years to come. Renovating our foyer is about making room for people to connect with God and one another.

We invite you to join us in this renovation to make room to welcome and connect with people. As we’ve considered the needs of our foyer, we’ve identified 3 parts of this project and laid out anticipated costs. Phases 1 & 2 must be completed in preparation for Phase 3. We estimate the foyer renovation will cost $150,000. 

Church leadership is proposing allocating $40,000 from GICs and are asking our community to donate approximately $110,000 toward our Foyer Renovation project.  

Phase 1: New Nursery (Completed)

Cost $5K Approx.
We’ll convert Upper Room into the New Nursery painting the walls, adding new furniture, add new electrical & lighting, and TV to be able to experience the service. 

Phase 2: New Storage (in progress)

Cost $2,500 Approx.
We will create new storage closets for our church and current rental groups. We will frame closets, add shelving, and paint doors. Closets will be added in the downstairs hallway between both washrooms.  

Phase 3: Renovating foyer

Cost $150,000 Approx.
We will remove the nursery, music storage, and rental storage walls and push back the hallway walls by 2ft. We will add clerestory windows on the south wall, add new lighting, and replace flooring throughout foyer and front stairwell. We will construct a new coffee bar with sink and dishwasher for hospitality. We will also construct a new accessible washroom. We will add new seating areas and benches for seating. We will add signage at key points so that making your way around the space is simple. 


Front entrance with new seating area

New serving area

Seating & Clerestory windows

Additional Seating & Accessible Washroom

Parking Lot Entrance


where did this idea come from?

In the early 2000s church leaders had the vision for expanding the foyer as they explored adding an elevator lift. The lift was installed, but foyer expansion was put on hold. In the last two years our leaders have picked up this idea again. As our congregation has grown we have felt the challenge of navigating around the tight space in the foyer. When our leaders heard that this was an idea previously discussed we sought to learn more about it and pray for a way forward. 

Why this layout?

It maximizes the limited amount of space available in our Foyer for people to connect. It ensures that there is a wheelchair accessible washroom on the main floor.

All of our new people walk through the front doors. We want to make sure they know where to go and how to get connected with others.

why now?

This year our facility turned 50 years old. Originally built 1974, the needs of our community have changed we need more space to connect, we need an accessible washroom upstairs, and we need to make easier for new people to find their way in our church. We believe now is the time to address these needs and make room for people to connect with God and another generation. 

Will this renovation project include the sanctuary?

No. This project will focus on the Foyer. 

will we take out a loan ?

No, we won’t. This project will be actioned as money is received.

Ways to Give

We are thankful for the ways in which our community has demonstrated generosity. As God has always done, we believe He will provide for our every need in this initiative. 

We believe that this project can be more than a renovation project; there is a formative journey God wants to take us on.

We ask for you to give your time towards praying for initiative–praying that people would find community, warmth, and God himself in this space for years to come. We also encourage you to prayerfully consider how you can give in ways that go beyond your normal giving. 

If you would like to do that today there are two ways to do that: 

credit card

You can give once or on a recurring basis via credit card through Tithely and selecting the Building Fund tab.


Please make the cheque payable to Cascades Church and include ‘Building Fund’ in the memo and mail to our address:

3833 Boundary Road,
Vancouver B.C.
V5R 2M4