What is Baptism? 

Baptism is simply part of being a follower of Jesus.  It is not a requirement or means of salvation but a step of obedience to Christ as he instructed us to be baptized. It’s a public declaration that you have identified with Jesus’s life, death, and resurrection such that you will live the rest of your life dedicated to Him. Through baptism, a believer is publicly declaring his or her faith in the saving work of Jesus Christ. 

How do I get baptized ? 

At Cascades we practice baptism by immersion. In order to be baptized we invite you to:  

1. Complete Foundations 101 : Kingdom Values

This course covers 5 key areas of discipleship devoted followers of Jesus must understand for experiencing the fullness of life God wants for us. Learn more

2. Meet with a Church Leader & Share your testimony
Meet with a Church Leader and share your short testimony. This can be a very a meaningful and encouraging moment as the leader listens to your story, encourage you, and pray for you.

3. Prepare A Short Testimony to Share at your Baptism with the Congregation

This is always one of the most joyous events in the life of our church as we get to hear stories of God’s power changing the lives of the people around us.

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