Some next steps

New to Cascades?

A little about us

We aim to help lead people to become fully devoted followers of Jesus and His Way. We recognize everyone is in a different place and so we’ve sought to offer a few different steps you can take as you explore Jesus. 


Stick Around For A Few Weeks

We understand any good relationship takes time to develop. A one time visit doesn’t really do justice to what people are like. So here’s our suggestion:
Join us for six Sundays before you decide if you want to be part of our community.
We gather in-person at 10AM. Our address is 3833 Boundary Road, Vancouver, BC.
We livestream our Online Gathering at 10AM on Sundays via YouTube.


Attend Cascades Basics

Join us a 30 minute session on Cascades story, mission, and vision for our city. You’ll also learn some things you can do to follow Jesus, grow spiritually, and serve within our community.

Our next Basics Night is in January 3rd, 2022. 


Check out Alpha

Come and join us for a series of conversations about faith, spirituality, and life from a Christian lens.

Alpha launches January 19th, 2022


Attend Foundations 201

This is the second of two courses we offer.
In this course we cover six questions: What is Jesus vision for your life? How does He want to form you? How can you part with the Spirit in this process?
Then we look at three questions related to renewal: what does renewal look like in an individuals life? In a community? In a culture?

Starts in Spring of 2022


Visit a DNA Group

DNA Group are key to making sure everyone in our community is cared for and learning to follow Jesus and embrace His Way.

Cascades Church