Anvil Retreat

You’re invited to Anvil Retreat
Reconnect with Jesus and one another.

May 31-June 2, 2024

Anvil Retreat is an annual weekend away Cascades facilitates on Anvil Island. The aim of our time is to recharge, refocus, and reconnect with Jesus together.  

 There will be lots of free time to relax and rejuvenate in the beautiful surrounds of Howe Sound and to enjoy meals and Chapel time together. Whether you are long-time Cascader or still exploring our community, Anvil Retreat is for you. 

What exactly happens at Anvil?

Meet up

We take a water taxi on Friday night to Anvil Island. When we arrive we take our baggage to our cabin and then come down to the dining hall for an evening snack.

Rest & Play

We want you to be free to play sports, fish, go for a walk, or simply catch up on sleep. We intentionally leave large chunks of free times that allow you to choose what you need during this weekend. 

Chapel Time

We’ll have 3 chapel gatherings. Each time we’ll sing songs of worship, followed by a short message, and the some sort of discussion based on the topic. Chapel times in the day include children being present among us.

Great meals

All our meals are provided for during our time on the Retreat. Our team of volunteers prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner. These are great times to enjoy each other’s company.

Good talks

One of the great gifts of the weekend is being able to share great conversations with familiar faces and new friends alike.

Pack Up & Go Home

Sunday afternoon we pack up our bags, clean up our cabins, eat lunch and take a water taxi back to the main land. 

Want to sign up? Here’s what you should know

How much does it cost?

$140/person in CABIN – 13 years or older

$120/child in CABIN –  5-12 years

$150/person in LODGE – 13 or older (for families with younger children)

$130/child in LODGE – 5-12 years

$70/young child – 0- 4 years

Rates include transportation from Lions Bay Marina to Anvil Island, Food and Accommodation and based on Age and Cabin or Lodge. Parking at Lions Bay Marina is not included.

Financial Aid

We don’t want money to be a reason someone does not come up. If you’re needing some financial aid please reach out to Pastor Alex via email to discuss this. 


Camp schedule

This schedule is subject to change so please check back regularly for updates. We will be printing weekend schedules and placing them in cabins to help you keep up with what is happening. 


6:00PM – Boat #1 leaves for Anvil Island (boat times depend on water taxi)
7:00PM – Boat #2 leaves for Anvil Island
8:00PM – Dinner
11:00PM – Lights out (Generator goes off)


8:15AM – Breakfast
9:30AM – Outdoor Chapel 
12:00PM – Lunch
2:00PM – Kids– Fishing @ Dock (Lifejackets required for 12 & under)
2:30PM – Soccer Upper Field
5:30PM – Dinner (Table Talks)
7:00PM – Chapel
8:00PM – Snack

11:00PM – Lights out (Generator goes off)


8:15AM – Breakfast
9:30AM – Chapel
11:30AM – Lunch
12:00PM – Clean Up Cabin (bring garbage to dining hall, put luggage outside cabin)
12:30PM – Clean Up Campgrounds
3:00PM – Boat #1 Leaves for Lions Bay (40 people)
3:30PMish – Boat #2 Leaves for Lions Bay (12 People)
4:00PM – Boat #3 Leaves for Lions Bay (40 people)


How to get there

The Retreat is located at Daybreak Point Bible Camp, which is on Anvil Island. The island is located in the Howe Sound. It can be seen when driving down the Sea to Sky Highway in Squamish. 

People must meet at Lion’s Bay Marina (60 Lions Bay Ave, Lions Bay, BC V0N 2E0. Get Directions). From here we take a water taxi directly to the Camp. The first boat will be leaving the Marina for Anvil on Friday at 7PM. A second water taxi will leave closer to 7:30PM.
On Sunday afternoon water taxi will leave Anvil Island  approximately 2:30PM and then at 3:30PM. 


If you don’t plan to get dropped off at the Marina, then there are two main options:

1. Paid parking is available at the Marina for the weekend–they charge about $30/day and parking is often limited. If you find a spot and don’t mind the rates this is a good spot.

2. You can also park for free at the gravel lot located next to Lions Bay Elementary (Directions). It’s about a 5-10 minute walk down to the Marina so we recommend dropping off your bags first and then driving and parking if you choose this option.

While the water taxi costs are covered in your payment, the parking costs are not covered.

activities can we do there


The goal of the Retreat to rest and reconnect with Jesus and others. So the main things are the schedule will be meal times in the Dining Hall and Chapel. There will be lots of free time.

The camp has covered gym, hiking trails, a Frisbee golf course,  a large field (baseball, soccer), kayaks, paddle-boards, a waterslide and a beach volleyball court available. Moderate sports equipment is provided, but no rifles, bows or arrows. 

Note about Water activities

The Camp does not have a Lifeguard.

For everyone’s safety swimming in the ocean will be allowed under the following conditions:

  • We will have set swimming times with a sign-in and sign-out person at the dock.
  • Anyone 19 and older must sign a liability waiver form.
  • Anyone 18 and younger must be accompanied with a parent.
  • Children 13 and younger must wear a lifejacket on dock.
  • Lifejackets are mandetory for all kayakers and canoers.



What to pack

Sleeping Bag & pillow or (bedsheets if you prefer)
Pillow and Sheets
Bible (no cell reception)
Warm clothes
Runners hat and sunscreen (you never know!)

Rain Jacket/ Boots
Socks for Chapel

Other FAQ’s

What are the accomodations like?

The Camp is equipped with 10 ‘basic’ camper cabins. Each is equipped with a washroom (no shower) and 5-6 bunk beds with mattresses. Bedding is not provided. 

 Showers are located beneath the dining hall.

Note: Washrooms are on a Septic System – please be considerate.

Are there rules we need to know?

Daybreak Point Bible Camp has the following rules:


The Caretaker will advise you of any specific ‘rules’ depending on various construction projects etc; however, there are a few general facility regulations we ask all renting parties to abide by:

1) The Island is powered by a generator; the maximum time for the generator to be used is 17 hours a day; please plan accordingly

2) The camp property is non-smoking. For members of your group who do smoke – please see caretaker for the smoking area of the camp.  All smoking must be done in this location and no where else on the island

3) No Firearms, Alcohol, Drugs, Cannabis Products, Vaping, Pets or Explosives.  No candles in any buildings.  No open flames in any buildings or on the camp property outside of the designated areas (fire ban may be in effect, please confirm with caretaker).

4) Provincial Health Regulations require that any camp for children 14 and under must have a
nurse or F.A.A. attendant on site at all times

5) Adult supervision for all waterfront activities is required. Please review the posted rules and regulations. Swimming and boating is to be done under supervision by a qualified lifeguard. No boating is to done outside the two main bays.

6) Absolutely no graffiti, no removal of mattresses from cabins, no damage whatsoever to the camp property.

7) Camp clean up, daily garbage routines and kitchen care rules are posted on-site; the caretaker will supplement them if necessary. These must be followed to ensure the camp remains in good condition.

8) Please obey all out-of-bound signs posted on the property.

Got another Question?

No problem. Marsha Piechnik is helping with registrations and would be happy to answer your questions. You can email Marsha by clicking here. 


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