DNA Groups


What are DNA Groups? 

We aim to ensure everyone is cared for and learning to follow Jesus and embrace His Way.  DNA Groups is a central way we do that.

DNA is stands for Discipleship, Nuture and Accountability. These groups consist 3-4 people who who gather weekly to:
– Discover more about who God is and who you are through the Bible and leading of the Holy Spirit.
– Nuture and care deeply for one another through prayer and listening.
– Bring accountability, encouragement, and challenges to each other. Confession and repentance are part of this and so is celebration. 


How Do You Do It?

You decide who to have be part of your group. We think 3-4 people is manageable and allows for everyone to participate. 

We recommend the following options:
– Meeting via Zoom on a set time and day.
– Meeting outside practicing distancing.
– Meeting in the church with masks on and distancing. 


The 3 R’s 

In your time together a helpful guide for meetings is what we call the 3 R’s: Review, Read, and Respond.



Review your week with one another. What are you struggling with? What are you learning about God?  The goal is to go deep with one another because your group is small enough to have the time for that. 


Once everyone has had a chance to share: choose one verse from Sundays sermon that stood out to you. It doesn’t have to be the same verse for everyone.
Ask. how does this verse speak to your situation, your struggle?

Example: If it’s speaking about forgiveness. God has forgiven us. How does the fact that God has forgiven us inform what we are experiencing in this relationship or work issue?

Respond: God, Others, World

,We respond to God, to others, to the world. In light of the verse your just read, how do you respond to God? How do you respond to others? How do your respond to the world? 

Example: If we go back to forgiveness perhaps it reminds us that everyone has fallen short of God’s glorious standard; We’ve all missed the mark, but, through Jesus Christ, God has forgiven us.
How does it relate to God? God’s forgiveness was costly. 
How does it relate to others? Someone has wounded me. They’ve broken my trust, I’m not prepared to trust them, but I know I need to work through forgiving them because God has forgiven me.  
How does it relate to the world? The world longs for mercy and forgiveness. Gospel of Jesus Christ makes it available for anyone who puts their trust in Him. 

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