Month of generosity

for our city

Our Motivation

These three weeks are motivated by three things:

We believe God is so generous that He gave us Himself in the person of Jesus.

We believe a heart transformed by the gift of Jesus will seek for ways to love people.

We believe seeing our city renewed requires collaboration with different organizations.

So for the next three weeks we want to highlight organizations doing important work in our city. These three organizations have different mandates and unique groups they seek to serve, but each one serves groups of people that we believe Jesus cares about. 

Through these three organizations refugees coming to our city are given material, spiritual, and social support; the poor and marginalized are provided shelter; and churches are equipped to cultivate cultures of prayer, mission and justice in our city.

Journey Home Community

This organization is motivated by God’s love and compassion for refugees coming to our city. They want to make sure none are left homeless or in vulnerable situations. The primary ways Journey Home Community does this by providing refugees with ‘Welcome Houses’ (safe and fully furnished homes) for 3-4 months to get settled. They also provide refugees with ‘Communities of Welcome’ which commit to one family for a year and provide funds to support the initial needs of the families and more.

Gift Cards for Christmas

To allow families to shop for themselves, Journey Home encourages people to donate gift cards, along with a friendly and welcoming message in a Christmas Card.

Gift cards to Walmart, Superstore, Winners, Gap/Old Navy, Toys ‘R Us are most helpful during this season. If you choose to do this, Journey Home asks that you leave the gift cards separate from the card as they will distribute them in an equitable fashion to families in need.

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Lookout Society

Lookout provides non-judgmental, non-sectarian services to individuals coping with a wide variety of challenges including poverty, mental illness, substance use, trauma, mental and/or physical disabilities, chronic health illnesses, financial and legal issues – or those simply unable to cope. Cascades has partnered with Lookout to run an Emergency Weather Shelter (EWS) for the last two winter seasons.

Give a Backpack of Hope

This year they have started a “Backpacks of Hope,” campaign which was designed to provide our most vulnerable population some sort of comfort over the holidays.

You can provide a backpack filled with essentials for the winter such as: ponchos, socks, sweaters, personal grooming supplies, toques, gloves, and a small gift card or any item that would fit in a backpack to their 2800 guests.

These backpacks can be dropped off at Cascades and we’ll deliver them to Lookout.

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Prayer 24/7 Canada

Cascades Church has drawn from 24/7 Prayer resources since the beginning of the pandemic to grow our culture of prayer. This organization is part of a twenty year global movement of non-stop prayer. They long to see the Church renewed and our culture rewired. They do this by helping churches and organizations cultivate a deep and comprehensive culture of prayer, mission and justice that impacts their cities for the Gospel.

This December Prayer 24/7 Canada has outlined a vision to raise $100,000 for the new initiatives they will operate in 2022. To learn more about this watch the video below.  

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Giving to these Organizations

For the next three weeks we encourage you to prayerfully consider how you can practice generosity in ways that go beyond your normal giving in this season.
To give to these three organizations you can give with an offering envelope in person or online via 

Give Online
On sure to select the organization you want to give to on the tab. There will be the three to choose from.

Give via Offering Envelope
You can give cash or cheque in an offering envelope. Please be sure to write a note indicating which organization you would like to give to.